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Product Description

1Item: Roller covering DG0-20LG

2Size: 38-100mmW * 100mL

3Material: Synthetic rubber

4MOQ: 1 pc as sample

5Lead Time: 1 week deposit

DACOTEX, one of the most reputable manufacturers of roller covering, always manufactures high quality products which perform well in anti-friction, anti-high termperature and longevity, and is popular in OEMs from Europe and America. More than 40 types of  DACOTEX products are widely used on

1. Rapier loom, water-jet loom, circle weaving machine, film spliting machine

2. Dyeing machine, forming machine, printing machine,

3. Fabric guide roll of finishing machinery, such as raising machine, shearing machine, sueding machine, compacting machine,  weft straight machine

4. Guide rollers of paper manufacturing machinery.

We are supplying black or green flocked fabrics used on rapier loom with width of 15, 18, 23, 24, 25, 27mm.

Material: Silicone, NBR, NR, anti-static NBR, PVC, PU, cork rubber, nylon, synthetic fiber and woolen felt, etc.

Apperance: flocked, plain, grinded, orange skin and fabric grin, etc. Different apperance with different friction coefficient used for different fabrics.

Standard length: 50m and 100m.

Standard width: 38mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm.

Self-adhensived or glue is supplied under your request.