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SHANGHAI ENGINEERING CO.LTD is a company specializing in all kinds of imported conveyor belt, transmission belt, diamond abrasive belt and industrial fabrics production processing enterprises.Company specialized agency  of the main products are: ASIFLEX energy-saving spindle tape, paper tapes, losing power saving polyester belt, conveyor belt, transmission belt, belt, TPU round belt and synchronous belt, the plastic chain board, brush belt, the friction belt, mesh belt, printing conduction band, ribbon. ROULUNDS triangle, hexagonal belt, synchronous belt, transmission belt, v-ribbed belts. DACOTEX hot light machine conduction band, preshrinking rubber blanket, printing conduction band, desulfurization belt, green velvet, matte rubber, roll coater conduction band, endless red tape, diamond abrasive belt, aramid fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth. DOLLFUS&MULLER high temperature felt knitting preshrinking machine, filtered juice mesh belt, teflon drying net belt, desulfurization filter cloth, teflon fabric, pure teflon tape and other special requirement of industrial zone.
The company introduced the advanced belt processing machinery and equipment, such as belt lamination machine, ultra wide belt grinding head machine, hydraulic cutting machine, hot pressing machine, high frequency, circular belt joint machine, etc, can carry out on-site maintenance for all kinds of belt and the interface service. According to the customer's size and specifications to process interface and process the dampers on the belt, conduct  bar and steel buckle, etc.
Over the years, our company has been actively committed to the development and service of industrial belt market. We are familiar with industrial conveyor belt series, technology and the overall requirements of transmission belt, and has a group of professional training and have rich practical experience of professional and technical personnel time to ensure that your equipment is smooth, efficient operation. Now we have included the world top 500 enterprises in the mainland investment of more than two hundred companies, including many customers to establish a good relationship, mutual cooperation. Sincerely hope that with all the customers from all walks of life to the good faith cooperation and common development.